Come visit us on Indian Island – home of the Penobscot Nation.

Explore the Penobscot Nation Museum or the Princess Watahwaso's Family Museum. With a trained guide, visit the many departments and programs that comprise the government center of the Penobscot Nation: the Tribal Council Chambers, the Tribal Court, Penobscot Cultural Medicine Trail featuring sculpture by Tim Shay, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Indian Island School;  the Sockalexis Bingo Palace, houses historic information as well as a traditionally made birch bark canoe. Then walk over to Nick Andrews Shores and pavilion for a breath-taking view of the Penobscot River along the River Trail.

Be sure to visit the Cultural and Historic Preservation Department and Che' Molly's Trading Post. 

School and community groups are always welcome, but anyone can take a tour with one of our knowledgeable and friendly guides. Just contact us for directions, more information, or request a visit.

As always, please be respectful of our community and limit your visits to those areas described above (the tribal administration area.) Please note the Penobscot Nation Tribal Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting picture taking without consent from the Chief's Office.


The Great Dying, between 75 and 90 percent of Native Americans in Maine die from European diseases.