(Alphabet sounds)


 kkĘ·ey! Welcome to Language Keepers. We are glad you have chosen to use this program to assist you in your language learning. Every word we learn and speak strenghtens our Penobscot voice. These ancient sounds are coming back alive. Every little bit counts. Be an active learner and teach what you learn to someone else.


"If you start to get discouraged, always remember that you are doing the best you can and you deserve to be proud. You are making a heroic commitment to a wonderful cause by working together to bring your language back out into the air where it belongs." ~ Leanne Hinton


Through out this program we will be focusing on listening and speaking. In the first "Branch" we will use some writing to demonstrate the sounds we will make. Here we will begin with small sound bits of the language to get our mouths working for the longer words ahead.


Spend some time repeating the sounds. Although we are using the Penobscot Alphabet, it will not be required in your learning until in later branches. We do and will provide the written language in these lessons as a learning tool. We have also provided the Penobscot Pronunciation Guide to further assist you.


Intro to Sounds pt 1                Intro to Sounds pt 2




July 21, 1857

Author and Transendentalist Henry David Thoreau comes to Indian Island and hires Joe Polis for a journey to Moosehead Lake, the West Branch of Penobscot, the Allagash, East Branch of Penobscot, and then back down the main branch of the Penobscot River.