bridgeBy the fall of 1950, Sylvester Francis had taken the last group of passengers across the river from Old Town to Indian Island in his ferry. Soon, a one-lane, steel girder bridge replaced the ferry and a new age had come to the Penobscot community. With the bridge, of course, came change – both positive and negative. By the mid-1980s, the social winds were changing again, and the old green bridge was replaced by a modern two-lane structure.

  • Through this unit, students will be introduced to the unique Indian Island community.
  • Explore the physical and cultural ramifications of being isolated on an island.
  • Learn about the changes that have taken place over time.
  • Discover the links between two towns – Old Town and Indian Island – and two cultures.
  • Understand how bridges link communities metaphorically and socially as well as physically.










Jean-Vincent D’abbadie the Baron of St. Castin arrives in Maine.