william q thompsonWilliam Q. Thompson


A tribe is unique in all of the world’s political systems in that it goes deeper than political theory and concepts, or even mere political party affiliation. One cannot choose to be a Tribal Citizen.  The only way in is through birthright. To be fortunate enough to have been born into a tribe is no small thing.  You are part of a larger family, one connected to the land through the millennia, and to each family member, by blood.  You will never have to guess who will come to your side against a foe or common enemy. 

The call to a leadership role of such a family is not to be ignored. When tribal elders come to you and ask that you accept their nomination, to respond with “No” is not an option.  It is an honor to be considered for such a meaningful role, and then to be voted in by a majority of your fellow Tribal Citizens means that you must rise to the responsibility and serve them to the best of your ability. It’s all about the Tribe.

In addition to my role as sub chief, I run all aspects of our tribe’s Air Quality Program: sample collection, data analysis, and policy promulgation used to be three jobs, but due to funding cuts, they now are all the responsibilty of just one person.  If you have concerns or worries about your home’s indoor air quality, or the ambient air quality of our reservation in general, do not hesitate to call me at the Air Lab, (207) 817-7340. Leave a message if I do not answer immediately.


The Great Dying, between 75 and 90 percent of Native Americans in Maine die from European diseases.